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‘Thank you Bangalore for an outstanding response to our first outing in India and for being such a wonderful audience. We are planning to host the Edinburgh Science Festival in other cities in India and would be back in Bangalore again next year’

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Lego Toy Making

This is for kids aged 4-6 years, in which kids can make their own toys...


We were delighted to be part of the festival and the kids were all very excited throughout the day. They got to do and learn things that they just use to read about in their science books. Now I hope science will not be yet another subject for them to study.
( Parent: Dorothy )
A fantastic place with interactive zones and lots of great information for young minds to soak in. It's even fun for adults like me. It's all well put together and very entertaining to look around.
( Parent: Jeferry K )
I am so excited that finally Edinburgh Science festival in being organized in India this year. I have always read about the festival and have wanted to take my sons, who are 5 and 9 years old. Really looking forward to this one.
( Parent: Karan Singh )
Oh I loved the place. I was a doctor in there and learnt about the human body. And that was not it.. I designed some amazing bubbles and was also inside one of them. Would love to come back every year for this one for sure.
( Student: Debbie M )
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